Minimal power consumption, quiet, durable

The INTEWA RAINMASTER Favorit SC fulfills the strictest efficiency standards of the European Ecodesign Directive  for energy-utilizing products (EuP). Therein, strict efficiency standards are prescribed for almost all  motors with a capacity from 0.75 to 375 kW that will be installed in the future. The speed-controller regulates the flow rate of the RAINMASTER Favorit SC rainwater unit in response to your actual needs.

Up to 40 % power saving

Up to 40 % energy savings

Uncontrolled pumps always operate at their maximum capacity without any concern for the actual flow requirement. This can be compared to a car that always drives full speed and the speed can only be controlled with the brakes. Since at any moment there are usually only a few consumers simultaneously using water, it is possible to save up to 40 % energy consumption by using a speed-controller.

The following table shows the savings potential based on the flow rate:

flow rate 5 l/min 10 l/min 20 l/min
without speed control 0.656 kWh 0.733 kWh 0.777 kWh
with speed control 0.276 kWh 0.617 kWh 0.686 kWh
savings 58 % 16 % 12 %
Up to 70% lower noise emmission

Up to 70% lower noise emmissions

In practice, a rainwater unit using a speed-controller runs at a significantly lower speed to an uncontrolled one, operating at a much quieter sound level. One RAINMASTER Favorit SC unit emits a sound level of only 45 dBA during the filling of a toilet,  compared to 65 dBA by an uncontrolled rainwater unit.

Approximately 40 % longer life-expectancy

The low speeds, at which the speed-controlled rain water systems predominantly work, lead to significantly less wear and tear on the electronic components and the pump. This increases the service life of the system by approximately 40 %.

RAINMASTER Favorit SC with speed-control – an investment that pays for itself.

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