• Safety first

Safety first

Pump, controller and floating switch of the RAINMASTER Eco are run from a 24 V low-voltage supply for added safety.

This low voltage is obtained via a switchable power supply, which can be used on 110-230 V throughout the world. The switchable power supply fulfills all important, internationally recognized test certificates. This means maximum safety during installation and operation of the rainwater system and cistern.

Alternatively, the RAINMASTER Eco can also be run directly off  a DC supply, for example a 24 V battery from a photovoltaic system.


The DVGW-certified RAINMASTER Eco rainwater unit features an integrated “air gap”. The so-called “air gap AA and AB” are the only ones approved for supply of back-up mains water during water shortages, according to the european standard EN1717. Drinking water and non-potable water can never be in contact with eachother. The RAINMASTER Eco fulfills the world’s highest safety standards.

Freier Auslauf RM-Eco
Trinkwassernachspeiseinrichtung, Typ AB gemäß DIN EN 1717
1: Mains water inlet 3: Maximum water level
2: Overflow opening 4: Air gap

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