The most economical rain water system in the world
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The most economical rainwater unit in the world

In comparision on average, the INTEWA RAINMASTER Eco effectively saves more than 75% energy.

Several systems were analyzed within the scope of an fbr (German Association for Rainwater Harvesting and Water Utilisation) approved investigation on the power consumption of rainwater units. If all the rainwater units in Germany were equipped with the INTEWA RAINMASTER Eco instead of existing pumps, almost 100 GWh of power per year could be saved.

Save more power

INTEWA is going in a new, intelligent way with the RAINMASTER Eco. Its new diaphragm pump technology distinguishes it from conventional centrifugal pumps, which are power-hungry at approximately 900 Watt power input. Think on this: toilet flushing requires as little as 5 L/min to fill the tank, while a centrifugal pump delivers 80 L/min, completely excessive and a waste of  90% of the pump energy. The performance of the RAINMASTER Eco diaphragm pump in comparison is perfectly optimized for typical household use. In principle, the diaphragm pump resembles the human heart: an elastic diaphragm is moved by an eccentric tappet. On the downward stroke, it sucks liquid through the inlet valve. On the upward stroke, the diaphragm pushes the liquid out of the pump head via the outlet valve. It is used both in small applications (ie. in dosing systems) as well as in large-scale applications (ie. the food and pharmaceutical industries). Diaphragm pumps ensure low-wear operation and a safe shield between the drive system and the pumped medium. 

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