Best water quality

Best water quality

The PURAIN rainwater filter supplies optimum water quality to your tank. The PURAIN is designed to filter rainwater from roofs made of clay tiles, slate, metal, glass or concrete stone.

Note: Greenroofs or bitumen-sealed cardboard roofs can lead to the discoloured water. Still, samples analyzed by INTEWA confirm an excellent quality of water. The water is best suited for use in toilets, washing machines and for garden irrigation as well as some other commercial applications.

Using soft rainwater saves on detergent costs, prevents the calcification of piping and appliances and is the best and most natural thing you can give your plants.

The break-proof stainless steel wedge wire filter

The durable stainless steel sieve

The high-quality, durable stainless steel sieve, with a gap width of 0.8 mm, reliably filters debris from the rainwater. Its trapezoidal shape and diagonally set profile prevents debris from settling and clogging it. The robust sieve is durable and must never be replaced.

The built-in overflow skimmer

The integrated overflow skimmer

The water surface in the tank is cleaned by an overflow skimmer integrated into the PURAIN rainwater filter PR-100 and PR-150-200. Floating debris, such as flower pollen, are skimmed away from the water surface through the side pockets. From here, the debris is directly channeled out to overflow and wastewater connection.  The overflow skimmer adds a further cleaning process to the tank water.

The built-in non-return valve and protection for small animals

The integrated non-return valve and small animal protection

The design of PURAIN PR-100 and PR-150-200 features a non-return valve of standard size, as stipulated by most regulations. This prevents overflowing dirty backwater from the sewer and stops small animals from entering the tank.

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