Easy to assemble, install and maintain

Easy to assemble, install and maintain

The installation of the DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration trench is very simple. The tunnel can be carried by just 2 people, due to the low weight of 32 kg, and  a storage capacity of 1.6 m³.

Construction pit and planning

Construction pit and planning

  • Construction of a horizontal, flat and sustainable base (For the purpose of infiltration, the permeability of the consolidated subsoil must comply with  plan specifications.)
  • A Geotextile layer must be laid on the surface, along with the batter of construction pit
  • The Geo compound is placed under the flushing tunnel
  • Installation of tunnel elements and creating pipe connections

Installation of tunnel elements and creating pipe connections

Before the tunnel is installed, the inflow and inspection manholes must be fitted according to the required position and height, and the tunnel inflow areas are protected with a geotextile  layer.

  • The DRAINMAX elements are installed in rows on the prepared ground.
  • The first tunnel is installed with the inflow slot end facing the incoming pipe.The elements are connected together by overlapping. The end cap closes the tunnel. Then the next row is laid parallel to the first, at the specified distance.
  • Then the  tunnel rows are covered with geotextile
  • Soil is placed around the tunnels to fix the geotextile in place
  • Filling the tunnel elements from the sides

Filling the tunnel elements from the sides

The tunnel elements are evenly filled from both sides and the top, with suitable filling material.

  • The even consolidation of the filling material begins with light compacting machinery. Heavy compacting machinery may be used as the height of the compacted fill increases.
Covering the tunnel elements

Covering the tunnel elements

The load bearing capacity of the connected surface track superstructure is established with covering the tunnel elements.

  • The filling material with mixed sieve line is consolidated in layers via tunnel shoulder till the desired load bearing capacity is obtained.
  • Use 16/32 mm gravel,  filled up to 10 cm above the tunnel shoulder, and covered with a separate geotextile layer. Using non-cohesive soil material, further layers are applied and compacted until  the required weight bearing capacity of 45 kN/m² is obtained.
Superstructure for fixed surface track

Superstructure for fixed surface track

Finally, the superstructure for the surface track is created according to plan specifications

Technic at a glance

Technology at a glance

All informations of the most important technical data, connecting dimensions, weight, size and material you will find in our INTEWA Store.

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